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Thrusty Ship (01-23-2019)
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Super Meat Boy with Rocket League controls! And a level editor!

Pilot your Thrusty Ship in space.

Fight gravity, collect Cores and smash a bunch of space junk, but watch your fuel!

In Thrusty Ship, the only enemy is yourself...

Thrusty Ship - Trailer


Core Hunts: Can you complete every level collecting every Core without dying once?

Time Trials: Completing a level unlocks Time Trials. Want a proper challenge? You got one champ. Try and get gold in every Time Trial.

3 Worlds to explore: Progress in your adventure and unlock levels and mechanics. Can you beat the most challenging world, World 3?

72 levels to beat: Master your piloting skills in various different challenges. Hours and hours of challenge and fun.

5 tier 1 ships: Spend your Cores on ships, all with different attributes and piloting styles.

5 tier 2 ships: Unlock and buy these advanced ships to get access to more extreme specs.

5 secret ships: Nobody knows how to unlock these, but rumor has it these are really weird, with special abilities...

Cheek clenching moments: Stay at the edge of your seat, as you try your best to get through levels without running out of fuel!

- Available in 13 languages

Collect Cores

Smash Space Junk

Black Holes and Asteroids

All Smashing Shield

Finesse is necessary

Crazy Landing Styles

Ice lasers?!?

Ready to become a pro space pilot?
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OVO Smash! (10-10-2017)
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Title Screen

What happens when Memory Match meets Deathmatch? OVO Smash!

OVO Smash! - Trailer


- Control alien space eggs, the OVOs, in single player and up to 6 player local multiplayer modes

- Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch: Find matches of your opponents' colours to damage them

- Heat-Me-Up and Team Heat-Me-Up: Find matches of your own colour to heat up. First to heat up wins

- Score challenges: discover what's on the board then get the highest combo possible! You're going nowhere without a good long term memory

- Timed challenges: race against the clock to clear the board. Speed and short term memory are necessary

- Move challenges: clear the board with the least moves possible. Accuracy and medium term memory are essential

- Get medals in challenges to unlock achievements + random accessories and patterns for your eggs

- 32 random accessories and 16 random patterns to unlock

- Available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese

6 Player Deathmatch

4 Player Heat-Me-Up

Challenge Screen

Challenge Completed!

Versus Screen

Team Deathmatch (2 v 2 v 2)

End Game Stats (Protanopia accessibility mode)

Are you ready to scramble?!?
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